Visual Basic Editor

In this article, we are going to learn Visual Basic Editor. VBE is a separate application which works flawlessly in Excel. VBA procedure develops in the VBE. To see the VBA, we have to activate VBE. When we save and delete; all the VBA components equally get saved and deleted.

The Visual Basic Editor is a way to pass the message to Excel what you want to communicate.

Excel Ribbon doesn’t show the Developer tab. To work with VBA, we have to add Developer tab. We need to follow below given steps:-

  • Open the Excel workbook

image 1

  • Click on the File in the ribbon

image 2

  • Click on options
  • Excel Option’s window will get appear
  • Excel displays the Customize ribbon tab of the Excel options dialog box

image 3

  • Place a check mark next to Developer and then click on OK
  • Developer tab will appear in the ribbons

image 4

How to show VBE window?

To move to VBE, follow below given steps:-

  • Press the key Alt+F11 on your keyboard.
  • Or Choose Developer > Code > Visual Basic.
  • Visual Basic Application’s window will appear

image 5

In this window, we can see VBE Menu bar, VBE toolbars, Project explorer window, Code Window and Immediate window.

VBE menu bar: –The VBE menu bar is like our ribbons of Excel. In the menu bar, we have 11 options including File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Debug, Run, Tools, Add-Ins, Window and Help.

VBE Toolbar: –The standard toolbar is positioned under the VBE menu bar. This is a customized toolbar, and we can remove and add any tools according to our requirements.

Project Explorer Window: –The Project Explorer window works as a hierarchy. When we open the VBA, then Project explorer window shows every open workbook in the list. If project Explorer window is not visible, then press the key Ctrl+R or Go to View in the menu bar > Project Explorer.

Code Window: –As the name explains, this window is used for writing the codes. If we want to see a code for an object, we just need to double click on the object in the project explorer window.

Immediate Window: –This window is very useful in terms of executing the VBA code if we write any coding and we want to test and debug the code. To show the immediate window, press the key Ctrl+G on your keyboard.

This is all about the tools of Visual Basic Editor in Microsoft Excel.

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