COUNT Function in Excel


COUNT function counts the number of cells that contains numbers in a given range or within the list of arguments.


There are many in-built functions in Microsoft Excel and COUNT is one of the most used function in Excel. It returns the count of the cells that contains numeric values only.

Syntax & Arguments:

=COUNT(value1, [value2], [number3], …)

value1 – The first argument is required and it is an item, cell references to the cell ranges, or array of values.

[value2], [value3], … [value255] – (Optional) and can be supplied up to 255 additional values, cell references, or array of values.


  • Numbers, dates and times are counted
  • Logical/Boolean values and text representations of numbers are counted only when supplied directly as argument to the function
  • If an argument is an array or cell reference, only numbers in that array or reference are counted.
  • Numerical values returned by function/formula are counted
  • Function ignores empty cells, text values or cells which can’t be translated into numbers
  • Error values supplied in the arguments are ignored


In the following example, we have taken a range and we have used the COUNT function to return the number of cells that contains only numerical values within that supplied range.

Now if you note, in the above example; the range has numbers, text representations of number, empty cell, error, date, time and logical values. And,

  • The numbers, date, and time are counted by the function
  • Logical value and text representation of number are ignored because both are supplied in the range not directly as argument in the function
  • The empty cell is not counted by the function
  • Error value is ignored by the function

In the next example, COUNT function is used to return the count of numerical values supplied directly to the function.



And if you look at above example,

  • The number, date and logical value are counted
  • The date and time, both are counted by the function
  • The text string and the error are not counted however text representation of number “15” is counted

This is how you can count the numbers in an array, references or within the list of arguments using COUNT function. To calculate logical values, text string, or error values, you can use COUNTA function. And use COUNTIF or COUNTIFS function to count the numbers that meet specific or multiple criterion.

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