How to Use Excel AND Function

Use of AND function:Use AND function to check one or more conditions at the same time. It returns TRUE if all the supplied logical arguments meet the criteria otherwise FALSE. In other words, the function checks all the conditions supplied in the arguments and if all arguments are evaluating to TRUE, the answer returns a TRUE and in case of even one condition does not meet the criteria, it would return FALSE.Syntax:=AND(logical1, , …)Arguments: logical1 – The first logical condition that you want to test. – The second and optional logical condition to evaluate. Useful Additional Notes: You can


How to Use Excel OR Function

Use of OR function:Use OR function in Excel is to check one or more conditions at the same time. It returns TRUE if any of the logical argument evaluates to TRUE and FALSE when all of the supplied arguments returns FALSE.Syntax:=OR(logical1, , …)Arguments: logical1 – It is the first logical argument to be evaluated to TRUE or – (optional) The second logical argument or condition to evaluate. Useful Additional Notes: If a logical argument contains number, zero evaluates to FALSE and numbers other than 0 including negative values, evaluate to TRUE. Text values and empty cells supplied are ignored

CONCATENATE Function Merging User Name with domain (Example 3)

How to Join Two or More Strings in Excel

The most commonly asked question during the junior level hiring for MIS / Data Analyst profile is “How to combine two or more strings together into one string?” or “How to combine two or more cells value into one cell using function in Excel?” And, if you are novice, then you might scratch your head in such situation and perhaps end up with doing manually if have less data and not familiar with any built-in function.Why this is one of the hot and top listed interview question? That is because, merging two or more strings into one, is a very

LEN Function Examples

LEN Function in Excel

The Excel LEN is an in-built function hence frequently used in day to day life. The function is really simple and easy to use. It belongs to Text family which has many other useful functions like; FIND, SEARCH, MID, MAX, LEFT, RIGHT etc.What it does?The LEN function is used to count the length of the specified string, in other words it counts the number of characters in a string and return.Uses:-The LEN function can be used at many places in different situations. The function becomes more powerful when used with other functions. For example, using with RIGHT function, last name


COUNTBLANK Function in Excel

There are many features that makes Microsoft Excel so user friendly and robust. Some of them are its in-built functions that gives flexibility to users to play with spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can store large amount of data and can perform calculations, basic math and many more.In this article, we will talk about COUNTBLANK function that belongs to COUNT family. The COUNT family counts the number of cells depends on the criterion value within the range or list of supplied arguments and returns the number as the result.The COUNTBLANK function counts and returns the number of empty cells available in the

COUNTA Main Image

COUNTA Function in Excel

There are several COUNT functions in Microsoft Excel to count the cells that contains specific type of data in the given range or list of arguments.The COUNTA function counts all the cells that contains any type of data. In other words, function counts non-blank cells within the supplied range.UsesIn Excel COUNTA function is used to count if the cells are not blank  or we can say it counts of non-blank cells.Syntax & Arguments:=COUNTA(value1, , , …)value1 – It is required and it is an item, cell references to the cell ranges, or array of values., , … – (Optional) and


COUNT Function in Excel

COUNT function counts the number of cells that contains numbers in a given range or within the list of arguments.UsesThere are many in-built functions in Microsoft Excel and COUNT is one of the most used function in Excel. It returns the count of the cells that contains numeric values only.Syntax & Arguments:=COUNT(value1, , , …)value1 – The first argument is required and it is an item, cell references to the cell ranges, or array of values., , … – (Optional) and can be supplied up to 255 additional values, cell references, or array of values.Notes Numbers, dates and times


SUM Function in Excel

As the name suggests, SUM function in Excel is used to sum-up all the numbers supplied in the arguments or in the range of cells. It is one of the most common used function in Excel.UsesThe function is so easy that even a small kid or a beginner can use this function while getting started with Excel without any trouble. It can be used when need to add all the numbers provided in the range.Syntax & Arguments=SUM(number1, , ,…)number1 – The first numeric value that is required can either be range of cells, cell references to the location in the