How to Create Automated Sales Invoice Template


Sales Invoice is a commercial document which we required to sale and purchase. This invoice issued by a seller to a buyer as billing proof. Sales invoice template contains company, industry, unit price, total paid amount etc. billing related all information.

Below you can see Retail Invoice Template look:-

excel invoice template
Excel Invoice Template

How to create Sales Invoice Template in Microsoft Excel?

In this template we will create a dynamic sales invoice, so that whenever we will update the quantity and price of product invoice will be ready with the total billing amount.

Follow the steps given below:-

  • Enter formula in cell H22
  • =IF(G22=””,””,G22*F22)
invoice template excel
Invoice Template Excel
  • Whenever we will enter quantity and unit price, amount will be calculated accordingly
  • Copy same formula till H28
  • Now, we will create formula for Subtotal in Invoice
  • =SUM(H22:H28), Press Enter
Sales Invoice Template
Sales Invoice Template
  • Finally, we will calculate “Grand Total”, =SUM(H29,(H29*H30),H31,H32)-H33

  • For the date we will use Today function, Enter =Today() in cell H5

We have successfully created our first Retail Invoice Template which is automated too. You just need to fill out the required information like Bill To & Ship To details, Product Info, and Shipping information and the calculation will be done automatically.

You can customize this template as per your own choice after downloading it from the link given in the description. This Retail Invoice Template is best for someone who is dealing with products, goods, professional services etc. since it is very useful for small business owners, freelancers and individuals alike as it can save a lot of their productive time.

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