How to use Excel ROUNDDOWN Function


In this article, I am going to cover how to use Excel ROUNDDOWN function. You will also explore the syntax and examples of ROUNDDOWN.

The Excel ROUNDDOWN function rounds a number down toward zero to a given number of decimal places. ROUNDDOWN can either round to the left or right of the decimal point. Unlike typical rounding (where numbers less than 5 are only rounded down), ROUNDDOWN rounds all the numbers 1-9 down.

Uses: Excel ROUNDDOWN Function

Excel ROUNDDOWN is opposite of what ROUNDUP function does, i.e. rounding a number down, closer to zero. The function works exactly same as like Excel INT function, but it rounds a number down, towards zero with choice to have the number of decimal places you want in final answer.


Following is the syntax of the Excel ROUNDDOWN function:

ROUNDDOWN (number, num_digits)


  • number: the number to be rounded.
  • num_digits: the number of digits to round the number to.

Examples: Excel ROUNDDOWN Function

The following examples given in column C in below screenshot show, how to make a use of ROUNDDOWN function.

excel round down to nearest 100

Note that, number in cell A4 (-17.24892) is rounded to the nearest integer, closest to zero. Unlike ROUNDUP function, where the numbers above 0 are rounded up, ROUNDDOWN rounds all the numbers 1-9 down; hence cell C5 returned the cell with 1200.

Additional Notes: –

  • ROUNDDOWN does opposite of what ROUNDUP function does, always rounding a number down.
  • If num_digit is 0, the number is rounded down to the nearest integer.
  • If num_digit is below 0, the number is rounded down to the left of the decimal point (i.e. to the nearest tenth, hundredth, thousandth, etc.).
  • The arguments can be a number, reference to a cell containing numbers or numbers returned by some formula.
  • Same as like ROUND & ROUNUP, ROUNDDOWN also does not accept ‘text’ as part of any arguments. When supplied, the function throws #VALUE! error.
  • The answer returned by ROUNDDOWN always remain in the same sign as the number
  • ROUNDDOWN always round the numbers 1-9 down.
  • The ROUNDDOWN function can round either to the right or left of the decimal point.
    • If num_digit is above zero (0), the number is rounded down to the specified number of decimal places to the right of decimal point without any changes in the rounding digit.

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