How to use RIGHT function in Microsoft Excel


The Excel RIGHT function returns one or more character, based on the specified number of characters from the end of a supplied text string.


=RIGHT(text, num_chars)


  • text – The text string from which characters to be extracted from the right side.
  • [num_chars] – An optional argument that specifies the number of characters to extract on the right side. In case omitted, 1 is considered as the default value.

Useful Additional Notes: 

  • When text argument is supplied as numbers, function extracts number of digits as well
  • The returned output from numbers remains in text string only.
  • Number formatting will not be a part of original value therefore will not be counted and returned.
  • Function returns #VALUE! error if supplied number of character is less than 0.

Examples – RIGHT Function:

Example 1: Extracting rightmost character from text given in cell B8

In the following example, only mandatory argument is provided which is referring to text given in cell B8 therefore RIGHT has extracted the rightmost character from the supplied text, since the default value is considered as 1 for num_chars argument when it is skipped.

Example Right Function
Example Right Function


Example 2 & 3: Extracting 5 number of characters from the right side of the text string


Excel Right Function
Excel Right Function

In the second example, when we supplied 5 in the second argument after supplying the text argument, RIGHT function extracted 5 characters on the right side.

But in the third example, when numerical string supplied in first argument and we told function to extract 5 [num_chars], RIGHT returned with 5 digits from the end of the string however, the answer returned in text format only.

Similarly, we can make a good use of RIGHT function with other Excel functions and features of Excel depending on users’ need.

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