45 Quick Time Saving Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

There are hundreds of keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Excel which are important and can save lots of time however, few of them are very important. Also, knowing all the shortcuts are never easy but few important ones can easily be memorized. Whether it is jumping from one cell to another, expending selections, accessing ribbon commands or printing spreadsheet, almost everything in Excel can be controlled with the keyboards.In this article, I am going to talk about some 45 Quick Time Saving Excel Keyboard Shortcuts that can increase your productivity by 30% to 40%.Use of Arrow Keys with CTRL and SHIFTArrow


Basic Excel – An Introduction To Microsoft Excel

 In 21st century, Microsoft Excel has become the basic need for any business. There is hardly any industry or domain where Excel does not comes into picture. Almost entire industry from Banking to Telecom, Education to Financial Services, Real Estate to Tourism, everywhere MS-Excel is required and it is one of the best analytical tool can be considered in anyone’s entire career.IntroductionMicrosoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which is developed by Microsoft and comes under Microsoft Office Suite of application. It is one of the best software program which is very easy to operate and to work with it. It