Thank you for visiting Online Excel Tip. It’s a platform to showcase the learning and development. I pledge to make Excel simpler for you by offering a wide range of Excel Tips, Tutorials and Videos. The examples I have taken for the tips and tricks on this site, are based on real life situations. And the provided solutions will make you more comfortable with Excel Formulas, charts, templates, dashboard etc. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, these Excel Tips will help you to boost your productivity and transform you into the Spreadsheet Geek that you always wanted to be.

Who Am I?

My name is Anil Dhawan, a 28 year old guy from India with more than 10 years of experience as Data / Business Analyst in the corporate world.

I have also been freelancing and training people around the world in Excel/VBA for almost 4 years now. Learning something new every other day and sharing it with other people gave me idea to create own platform to share my skills and to help people to learn Microsoft Excel. So one fine day in 2017, I founded OnlineExcelTip.com to reach maximum audience.

My Journey with Spreadsheet

It was July 2006, when I hit into my first job where I had to do data crunching and prepare sales analysis on Excel spreadsheet. With limited Excel knowledge, I was struggling but someone there (during my first job) helped me to better at Excel. While on mission of exploring Excel, I came across few sites and YouTube channels, but I really liked the idea and tricks of MrExcel.com, ExcelIsFun, Exceljet.net who helped me to upgrade my skills. Later I came across Chandoo.org who made learning so easy for all Excel lovers with his unique way of blogging, helped me to see the vision to start my own blogging website one day.

Dream Project

The dream of starting the blog seems to come true in 2016 when I finalized this domain however, could not give a start. In April 2017, when I was awarded as “Best Microsoft Excel Trainer” by one of the portal (UrbanPro.com) to hire professional trainer, I step forward towards my dream and started this blog.

My Aim

I founded this blog with only one aim that to deliver the different and easy way to explore features of Excel and VBA. Every week I post few articles on different topics. You can also find the video tutorial on my official YouTube channel.