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I am Anil Dhawan, a passionate and an Excel-holic guy, founded this blog to share Excel Tips & Tricks regularly. I have given 12+ years to industry as Data Person and now aiming to share my knowledge to maximum people to help them to learn Excel with ease and become awesome at their profession. Click to know more about me.

Best Excel Tips on OnlineExcelTip

Magical Excel IFS [New] Function

One of the new function introduced to the “Logical” group, is IFS function. It is a great replacement for Nested IF conditions which consumes less time and much easier to read with multiple statements. 

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Quick Tip to use Excel OFFSET Function

A useful tutorial to explore the functionality of OFFSET function from basics. OFFSET is a one of the great addition to Excel functions to build a dynamic range for features like Data Validation, Charts, Pivot Tables etc. 

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FIND Function with Practical Examples

FIND can be really helpful in situations when you may have to return the position of any character or sub-string. Learn syntax, arguments and use of FIND function with industrial examples.

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Create Automated Sales Invoice Template

A step by step tutorial to create fully automated Sales Invoice Template without using VBA. Using Excel Formulas and Formatting feature, one can easily create such template in few minutes.

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How to use VLOOKUP Function

VLOOKUP function is one of very popular function of Excel. A step by step tutorial will give you more clarity on syntax and arguments. Explore the hidden facts of VLOOKUP to avoid using IF formulas.

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Return End of the Month’s Date

Excel EOMONTH function returns end of the month’s date after adding a specified number of months. Use EOMONTH to get the number of days in the particular month from an initial date or find out the last weekday in a month.

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45 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts

No need to remember 100+ Excel shortcuts. These 40+ Excel keyboard shortcuts can increase your productivity by 35% – 45%. A handy tutorial can help you speed up your work. 

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Easy Way to Insert Special Characters

A quick tip on inserting special It is used to display characters which are almost impossible to enter using a standard keyboard. Using CHAR function, you can return a character specified by a code number.  

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